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11 June 2012 @ 01:34 pm


++ Since our sister community is called kstewartlife and the person this community is about prefers NOT to be called RPattz (or RPats or whatever) any longer we've decided to change its name to rpattinson_life.

++ This community renaming cost US $15 - THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the very gracious donor who prefers to remain anonymous! ♥

++ Our Twitter handle has also been changed already to @rpattinson_life.

++ Nothing has changed. All the links will forward to the new community name automatically. All the links that link to this community will be updated/changed shortly.

++ PSA: Also, I've noticed that rpattinson_life has now over 300 members! WOW! :D Thank you!
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This is a sticky post, all new posts will be beneath this one


May 2012
May 13th:
• Rob's birthday
• Rumoured screening of SWATH with Cast & Crew
May 24th:
• Rob and Sarah Gadon on 'Le Grand Journal' [Between 7PM & 7:55PM] (Incidentally Kristen and the OTR cast will be there as well)
Livestream: 1
• Kristen is attending the @amfAR Cinema against aids cause (Possibility that Rob might go too) [No time yet/ There probably won't be any livestream] - They didn't go
May 25th:
Cannes live blog
• Screening of the film at 8:30am (local time) with a press conference (David and Robert attending) afterward
• 'Cosmopolis' Premiere at the 65th Cannes Film Festival, France at 7pm CET
Livestreams Canal +: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

May 28/29th:
• Cosmopolis Premiere in Portugal with Rob attending
May 30th:
• Cosmopolis screening in Paris (Le Grand Rex) with Rob & David Cronenberg attenting. [No Time yet] Red Carpet might be cancelled + Presentation of the movie in the theater.
May 31st:
Rob and David Cronenberg in Berlin for the German premiere of Cosmopolis. 8:30pm (local Berlin time) at Kino International

June 2012
June 1st:
• Cosmopolis film screening at 6pm at Curzon Mayfair (UK), followed by a Q&A with Rob and David.
June 3rd:
• MTV Movie Awards 2012 - Kristen will present there, Rob is NOT going.
June 4th:
• Canadian Premiere of Cosmopolis in Toronto + plus a small press junket

June 8th:
• Bel Ami theatrical release in the US (Limited)

Thank you @SomeLostBliss for putting this together!
11 November 2011 @ 11:07 am

rpattinson_life and its sister community kstewartlife now have OPEN MEMBERSHIP! This means new members can join without an application.

Have any problems? Contact the mods via the Page-A-Mod page.

Make sure to follow rpattzlife and kstewartlife on twitter!
06 September 2010 @ 04:15 pm

rpattinson_life and its sister community kstewartlife now have MODERATED membership. This means that new members no longer need to apply. They just join and will either be approved or rejected.

We do ask that you keep these things in mind before you join:
» You need to have at least 50 comments on your LJ.
» If we're going to recognize you as a trouble-maker in other communities, don't waste our time.
» If you don't look like a fan of Rob, you won't be accepted.
» We do ship Rob/Kristen, so if you get annoyed by that, you may want to stay clear of here.

Questions or concerns? Use the Page-a-Mod post.
26 August 2010 @ 01:26 pm


Use this post for the following:
» To request affiliation with rpattinson_life
» If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas for the community.
» If you have a problem with another member (please include links).

If you don't feel comfortable using this post, you may also PM either sloppy_drunk or evendia.

Comments are screened.